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Montenegro tour. Cetinje, Njegusi, Kotor

A bus trip to the ancient capital of Montenegro, the city of Cetinje, a visit to the famous Cetinje Monastery, which was the residence of the Montenegrin rulers. After visiting the city of Cetinje, the road leads through unusually beautiful places called the "Stone Sea of Montenegro". Entrance to the village of Negushi, in which Peter Petrovich Negush was born - a famous poet, writer, philosopher and ruler of Montenegro. 
The journey continues towards the sea along a unique serpentine road with 25 turns, built by the Austrians, which leads to the Bay of Kotor and the city of Kotor. After descending to sea level, visit the famous city of Kotor - a city with more than two thousand years of history, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Four bays - big sea cruise

Unforgettable sea voyage along the Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor is the only fjord in Southern Europe, wedged into the land for almost 32 km between the spurs of the high mountains Orjen (1895 m) and Lovcen (1749 m), impresses with its beautiful nature, as well as rare and unique cultural values.

The sea voyage starts from the city of Tivat with sailing towards the city of Herceg Novi, the largest city on the coast, then the ship sails past the island of Mamula. The sea route in the direction of the Bay of Kotor is a little repeated, passing such settlements as Dzhenovichi, Baosici, Bijela. Sailing through the "Verige" (the narrowest part of the bay), the ship moored at the island of Gospa od Shkrpela (Virgin Mary on the Rock) to visit the church and museum. The last part of the cruise along the bay passes near the city of Perast, the villages of Prcanj, Dobrota, to moor in the ancient and beautiful city of Kotor.


Fabulous Montenegro - canyons, reserves and Black Lake

Tour of the continental part of Montenegro - the whole country from south to north

A trip deep into the continental part of Montenegro along the canyons of the two largest rivers - Moraca and Tara.

After visiting the Moraca monastery, the road leads to the city of Kolasin, where a stop is provided for tasting homemade Montenegrin honey in an apiary, then the journey continues towards the Durmitor National Park and the Tara River Canyon. The Tara River Canyon with its magnificent wildlife is the second largest in the world after the Colorado River Canyon, its canyon depth reaches 1300 meters at Churovets. 
Mount Durmitor is distinguished by its extraordinary beauty. The 18 icy lakes known as Gorske Ochi (Mountain's Eyes) are a distinct outstanding feature of the landscape. The trip continues to one of the most beautiful lakes - Black Lake.

Montenegrin capitals - Rijeka Crnojevic and Podgorica

A bus trip to the old capital of Montenegro - Rijeka Crnojevic, which almost until the end of the 15th century was the spiritual and cultural center of medieval Montenegro. 
Further transfer to Podgorica - the capital and main administrative, cultural, university and economic center of Montenegro. 

Lake Skadar - Virpazar

Bus ride through the Pashtrovica mountain to the largest lake in the Balkans - a state-protected National Park since 1983. This is a lake with the purest water and rich flora and fauna. 
A boat trip on the lake, snacks are offered on board, a stop for swimming. 
Then return by boat to the bus and drive through the Sozina tunnel in the Petrovacka Gora mountain. On the way to the resorts, beautiful views of the coast open up.

Polar Star. Cetinje - Lovcen

At a distance of only 30 km from the sea, among the picturesque mountains, is the ancient Montenegrin capital. The city-museum, as Cetinje is called differently, testifies to the turbulent history of Montenegro. In the vicinity of Cetinje rises Lovcen - one of the reserves of Montenegro. From this unique place you can see the whole of Montenegro, at a glance. The path to the top of Lovcen leads along a winding road, which offers a beautiful view of Cetinje and the surrounding area.

Lights of the Bay of Kotor - evening cruise

An evening boat trip along the Bay of Kotor will definitely give everyone an unforgettable experience. 
Cruise  on a boat starts in the Tivat Bay, then follows through the narrowest part of the Verige Bay towards the city of Perast. 

Sailing near small villages located on a narrow strip near the sea, the boat arrives in the Kotor fjord. In the very depths of the bay, it meets the Old Town of Kotor, which since the 2nd century BC lies at the foot of the San Giovana fortress.  
On board the ship you will find an evening menu consisting of fish and meat dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

Undiscovered pearls. Tivat - Herceg Novi

The Tivat Bay is one of the four bays of the Bokotor Bay. The port city of Tivat is now a modern fashionable marina "Porto Montenegro". 
The journey continues to the city of Herceg Novi - the youngest city of the Bay of Kotor, founded in the 15th century. In the old part of the city, fortresses and squares have been preserved, in which the turbulent history of this city is written.
In the very heart of the Uercegnovskiy Gulf there is a spiritual pearl - the Savina Monastery with the Assumption Church of the 11th century and the Assumption Church of the 18th century.

Monasteries Ostrog and Daibabe

A bus ride to Mount Ostrog, where the miraculous monastery is located, built right in the rock at an altitude of 840 meters above sea level. 
The trip to the monastery goes along  Lake Skadar , the largest lake in the Balkans - a lake of unique beauty. Further transfer to Podgorica - the capital and the main administrative, cultural, university and economic center of Montenegro. The population of the city is about 162,000 inhabitants. Panoramic tour of the modern capital of Montenegro Podgorica with a visit to the cave monastery Daibabe. The monastery is distinguished by its unusual location, being dug into the ground and having a small cave system and a water source in the mountain.

Kotor and Perast - the birthplace of sailors

2 pearls of the Bay of Kotor with a boat trip.
Kotor - a city with more than two thousand years of history, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During a walking tour you can get acquainted with ancient architectural masterpieces, such as the clock tower of the 17th century, the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, dedicated to the patron and protector of the city, the Orthodox churches of St. Nicholas and St. Luke.
After visiting the city of Kotor, you will go on a boat trip to the only man-made island in the Adriatic Sea "Gospa ot Shkrpjela".
Further, your journey will continue to the ancient sea town - Perast. It was in Perast that Peter I sent the Russian noblemen to study seafaring.

National Dinner

Feel the national flavor of Montenegro!

A bus ride to the village of Blizikuce, which is located on a mountainside with a charming view of the Montenegrin coast. Everything is accompanied by a folklore and music program. As the main national dish, of course, a lamb baked in an oven under a lid will be offered, as well as a local snack (cheese, olives, prosciutto), fresh vegetable salad; homemade wine and national grape vodka (vine).


Excursion for lovers of vivid impressions!
A bus ride in the direction of the most northern and mountainous regions of Montenegro along a beautiful mountain road winding among high cliffs. The Tara River Canyon is the second largest in the world after the Colorado River Canyon, it is recognized as a national park and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1977.
After having breakfast in a restaurant with a beautiful view of the confluence of the Tara and Piva rivers into the Drina river, you will change clothes and go up the Tara river (20 km) in jeeps to the starting point of your unforgettable rafting trip along one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Along the way, a stop is provided for swimming in a waterfall. 
At the end of the rafting, a national lunch is provided.

Southern Montenegro (Bar, Ulcinj)

A bus trip along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro to the southern cities of Petrovac, Sutomore, Bar, Ulcinj. Stop in Bar. It is a modern city with wide boulevards and lush Mediterranean vegetation. The fortified city of Stari Bar is located on a steep, closed cliff on three sides, at the foot of Mount Rumija, 4 km from the coast. Ancient olive groves grow near the fortress. 

Further, the trip continues to the city of Ulcinj - the southernmost city of Montenegro, which is located 13 km from the border with Albania. The most famous place in Ulcinj is the Big Beach (Velika Plaža), which has a length of 12 km.

Jeep safari

A fascinating journey through the territory of the Biogradska Gora National Park

If you like outdoor activities, then this tour is for you.

You will get acquainted with the central high-mountainous part of Montenegro, with its natural beauties and national parks. 
A bus ride to the city of Kolasin (ski resort), breakfast, then boarding jeeps and a trip to Mount Belasitsa - one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe. During the trip you will see the Biogradska Gora National Park and Lake Biogradska.
During the trip, photo pauses are provided in the most beautiful places: Jezerin, Zekova head, Pesica lake, Ursulovac lake.
You will visit the traditional shepherd villages "katuny" and get acquainted with the life of the high-mountainous inhabitants of the country. At the end of the program, a delicious lunch awaits you.

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